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Toilet Repair

Leaky or clogged toilet?

At you'll find out if there's an easy fix - and who to call if there isn't.

Clogged toilet:

First try plunging. Plunge up and down at the bottom of the bowl to create suction.

Next try a plumbing auger (snake). Crank the auger while pushing it down. Push the obstruction through or pull it out.

Leaking toilet:

If water leaks through the handle or the toilet continually runs:Toilet Repair Toronto

  • Conventional toilets: reposition the float ball in the tank. Bend the float arm down slightly to keep the water about an inch below the overflow pipe.
  • Water-intake assembly: pinch the clip attached to the assembly's thin metal rod. Slide the clip and cup down to lower the water level 1" at a time.
  • Metered fill valve: take a screwdriver and turn the knob counter-clockwise a half-turn at a time.

If it's leaking where the tank meets the bowl, try tightening the nuts underneath the tank with an adjustable wrench. Use a flathead screwdriver to steady the bolt inside the bowl.

If the leak is at the base or the toilet wobbles there's a problem with the toilet flange. You need good knowledge of plumbing or a professional's help to repair a flange.

If the problem persists it's time to call a professional plumber. DrainCity Plumbers is a licensed plumbing company offering 24-hour toilet repair service in the Greater Toronto Area. We also help customers qualify for City of Toronto rebates for toilet replacement.


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